As of 2018, a hot topic in the San Marcos District has become the status of the Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School. At our meeting of Thursday, July 19, 2018, Jonelle Maison, a Senior Bill Drafter for the NM Legislature, attended and answered many of the Board's questions about charter schools in general. Her delivery was very clear and extensive, and we thank her for it. She pointed out that the NM Charter School Statutes are available online. Finding them is a bit confusing. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Choose the appropriate display (desktop or smartphone) and click OK
  3. On the next page, in the panel at the left, click on the + next to "Statutes, Rules and Const."
  4. In the expanded list, click on the + next to "NMSA (Unannotated)"
  5. In the new list, click on the + next to "CHAPTER 22 Public Schools"
  6. In the new list, click on the + next to "ARTICLE 8B Charter Schools" (Article 8A was repealed)
  7. In the new list, click on the section you want to read (NB: several were repealed)

That's tedious. For convenience we've made a local copy of the sections. Notice that these are
copies of the documents, not links to the originals; they're current as of 7/19/2018. If you're in doubt about whether they're up to date, use the procedure outlined above.